Monday, April 4, 2011

Using your gifts

Yesterday at church, the pastor came up and asked me about possibly editing some books he was looking to write.

I told him I would be completely willing to help with this.

When he walked away, I felt a genuine excitement inside. I had always thought I wanted to use my talent of writing to make a difference with people - to inspire faith, to encourage. I always wanted to work for a Christian publication writing.

However, I never really thought that I could help people out with it in this format. I think it's an interesting way of using my talents for a volunteer purpose - or even a little payment if that so happens.

We often know what we are gifted in, but finding out how to use those gifts can be difficult. I enjoy writing, but often I don't feel fulfilled at my job right now. I know I am blessed to be able to work at home, and I am very thankful for my job, but I can't say I feel fulfilled doing it.

I don't know exactly where life will take me, but seeing opportunities like this inspires me that somehow I can actually make a difference, in more ways than just getting the news out. I like to think that I will get to help people. And God has an idea already in mind for me. He gifted me in special ways, and he has a reason for doing it. He knows exactly what I am supposed to do.

And that's encouraging.

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