Thursday, April 28, 2011


You know the Bible verse talking about how you shouldn't try to pick the speck out of your brother's eye when you have a plank in your own? Well, I need to work on that.

Often, I realize when I'm judging someone, and I try to stop. I know that things I used to judge other people for I ended up doing myself, so I have no right to judge someone else's choices.

However, sometimes I think I have the right to comment on how people can fix their lives in areas that I think I have under control. I guess I figure I can help in an area that others might not see they have a problem with, because I have already figured it out.

That doesn't always work out though.

I have commented on areas that I think people can fix in passing conversation. It usually doesn't end well, because I have upset people unintentionally.

I wrote a post earlier about how it is better to listen that comment much of the time. Some situations people have not even asked me to listen, yet I have commented on situations that I have seen.

I end with the argument, "I was just trying to help." Have you done that before? Much of the time when you're just trying to help, you're just butting in where you're not wanted.

I have had people give me unsolicited advice, which I take with a smile on my face but wonder where they have to room to talk to me about situations they don't understand. I should remember that next time I feel I should talk about something I don't need to talk about.

I think the best thing in these situations is to first pray. Perhaps later you're led to talk to someone about a problem you see in their life, but maybe they aren't willing to listen until God does a little work in their lives.

I see myself as a quiet person, but with people I know well, I tend to talk a lot. Those are the people I tend to hurt with my talk, because I don't think enough before I speak.

So I guess the lesson here is, keep my mouth shut unless I have really thought through what I am going to say.

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