Sunday, April 17, 2011


Yesterday, we had two dance recitals for the dance studio that I teach at one night each week.

Dance has always been a fun activity in my life. It's not usually something I dread going to. Although I get paid, I usually forget that I'm going to get a check for my work until it shows up. I enjoy it so much that I don't do it for the money - although the extra money is nice!

This year, I had a class of 5-year-olds and a class of junior highers. When one of my little girls came in with her purple costume on and her hair all done in curls, she handed me a bouquet of pink tulips and a card.

Another little girl's grandma purchased a bouquet of dyed and sparkled daisies to give to me.

Another little one gave me a box of chocolates from her and her older sister who was in my class of older girls, also with a card.

The dance studio owner gave me a thank you card as well.

It's so nice to feel loved.

However, the little tokens of affection I received didn't even compare to the hugs I got as the older girls left, the fact that they said they hope they get me as a teacher next year, and the way the little girls just hung on me before they went on stage - hugging me or holding my hand.

My parents also drove all the way here just to watch my dancers - and me, since this is the first time I danced in a recital as a teacher, which I admit was a little weird to me. My boyfriend sat through 2.5 hours of dancing. My friend and her daughter even showed up to watch.

I put a whole year of effort and love into these dancers, and I was so proud that day. I felt so loved that people enjoyed their time with me and loved me so much that they would sit through 2.5 hours of dancing that I wasn't even in, except for the teacher dance and my teacher solo.

It sure is nice to feel loved.

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