Monday, April 18, 2011

Beautiful life

1. Bouquet of flower balloons to end the workday after interviewing two women who make them.
2. Dinner out, which thankfully we can pay for easily
3. A weekend with my family and another weekend with them this weekend - which hasn't happened in years.
4. Four nights to spend with my boyfriend before his work shift starts again.
5. TV and movies online with full episodes, netflix and hulu
6. A stash of delicious homemade chocolates in the cupboard
7. Hopefully the snow that fell this weekend killed off the first wave of insects for this summer
8. A warm bed to sleep, covered with an extra quilt made by my late great-grandma, a great way to remember her
9. New spring clothes in the closet and bright new camisoles courtesy of my mom
10. Laughter in the little things

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