Thursday, April 7, 2011

Let freedom ring

What does it mean to be free?

We're told that becoming a Christian sets up free from our sinful nature, but sometimes we think that living by God's law doesn't feel like freedom. Sometimes it feels like a whole new type of constriction.

In her book "Power Thoughts," Joyce Meyer said, "Exercising self-control is a form of power - not a type of bondage. You don't have to do what you 'feel' like doing. You are free to do what you 'know' is best."

That's a whole new way to look at freedom. Choosing to become a child of Christ means that we get the freedom to exhort our power over our sinful nature. We no longer have to do what feels good. We can do what we know is right.

That sounds weird, that we are free to follow the rules.

Freedom really means that we can direct our lives in the way we want them to go. That is why people move to America, so they can set the course of their lives. When we become Christians, we should desire our lives to go in the way that God wants. We are free to make the right choices that will keep our lives on the right track.

To go along with this, Joyce Meyer said. "We cannot expect to reap where we haave not sown, but when we do sow good seeds, we should indeed expect good results. This is true in every area of our lives, including health, finances, abilities, relationships, and everything else that pertains to our well-being."

We have the freedom to make good choices and to sow good seeds. It's not like a third-world country where even the seeds we have to sow may be rotten or old, not producing good fruit. That's like when we are in the bondage of the world, even what we have to work with may not allow us to get what we want out of life.

When we sow the seeds of Christ - strong, powerful, healthy seeds - we have freedom to put those seeds in good places and the freedom to take care of them so they grow just as strong as they can be.

Freedom is all in the way you look at life.

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