Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Man with fire

Usually one person in a relationship is the cook, and the other person the eater. Well, I am usually the cook, but that's because Nate works nights, so he's not usually home to cook.

Also, I grew up with my mom as the cook, so I think it is the woman's job to cook. I love to be able to make good food that pleases people as well.

Tonight, we are having some company over for dinner, and I offered to cook. However, then Nate said that he wanted to cook some steaks, so I left it up to him to get everything ready while I work. He got groceries and prepared steaks, mushrooms, potatoes, peppers and asparagus on the grill.

It's fun to see him excited about preparing a meal. Whenever he cooks steak - which he is amazing at and which he does for me and our friends when he can - he gets excited. Not only does it taste good, but he actually enjoys making them. He enjoys the process and the result.

I think it's fun to see him doing things that he's good at and that he enjoys. It's that way watching him at work, which he also loves.

Men all seem to be professional grillers at heart. It's almost like it goes back to the cavemen when man first found fire. Men love to grill and build fires, whether it's when camping, in a firepit or in a grill. Men are almost made to deal with fire.

Like I mentioned yesterday, we all have things we are meant to do. Whether it's a small thing like using a passion to grill to give pleasure to others or a big thing like choosing a career choice that will fulfill you and serve others, it's important to do what were are gifted in.

Life isn't necessarily all about being happy, but often using our gifts is the best way to stay happy.

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