Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Climb a mountain

You've just walked for miles and miles in the desert.

You're thirsty, sweaty and dirty. Your stomach is growling, and your feet are aching.

All you want to do is sit down, gulp a cup of water and close your eyes as a cool breeze wafts over you.

However, when you reach where you're going, the one you're following invites you to climb a mountain.


Heck no!

At least that would be my answer.

When Jesus invited his disciples to follow him up a mountain, they probably didn't want to, but they took a deep breath and followed him just a bit farther.

At the top of that mountain, the experienced the transfiguration of Jesus. They heard the voice of God and saw a glimpse of just how big Jesus really is.

What they would have missed if they said no.

Sometimes when we are the most exhausted, when situations just aren't going out way, we want to just sit down and go to sleep. We want to give up for the time being and let life pass us by for a little while.

Sometimes God will let you rest. However, sometimes he wants you to follow him just a bit further to experience his glory in a way that you could never imagine.

When he asks, will you climb that mountain?

(Thanks to Pastor Leland Schmidt for this lesson on Sunday).

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