Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Everyday Sounds

Even as you read this, you most likely are hearing sounds in the background.

Maybe a TV is on, a fan is blowing, birds are chirping outside, a car is driving past, a neighbor is mowing their lawn.

Do you know why you are hearing those sounds?

Objects produce sound when they vibrate in matter, and those sounds travel through the air waves.

The outer ear catches vibrations in those air waves, and your brain can distinguish where a sound came from by how it bounces off the parts of your outer ear.

Sounds are funneled into your ear drum and vibrate your ear drum. The cochlea conducts the vibrations through a fluid, and little hair cells send an electrical impulse to the cochlear nerve which messages the cerebral cortex which interprets the sounds.

All of that happens so quickly, that we can match up the sounds we hear with the movements that we see.

In church on Sunday, the pastor talked about the hearing process when speaking on a passage in James about the power of the tongue. However, it really struck me how intricate our daily bodily processes are.

Whether it's the blood constantly flowing through our veins, light refracting in our eyes, the unconscious actions of breathing, blinking and swallowing spit - we are awesome.

These are everyday moments that make sure we get through everyday.

Thank you Lord for everyday moments that we don't even notice.

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