Friday, August 12, 2011

Tasty days

When I lived in a city all by myself, I used to try to make a lot of interesting meals for myself.

A lot of them ended up bad.

It's hard to cook a meal for one person, and I have enjoyed living in the same town as Nate so that I can share most of my meals. They turn out a lot better when I can cook meals for two or more.

However, we are also blessed to live in a small town that has a lot of food choices for eating out.

Sometimes I don't really want to cook, or we are busy and it's easier to pick something up than to take the time to make a meal.

I am a big fan of food, and of eating out.

Last night, I was hungry but was waiting until our normal dinner time at about 8 p.m. The food channel was on, and I was getting hungrier by the moment.

On "Man vs. Food," Adam visited a Mexican restaurant somewhere down south. My mouth started to water looking at the cheese-covered burritos and delicious sauces.

Yep, I wanted Mexican.

Thankfully, we have a great authentic Mexican restaurant. After hounding down on some homemade chips and salsa, the waitress brought me my meal.

I usually look for toppings rather than just the type of dish - because I love items covered in cheese sauce and gaucamole.

I decided to try something new, going for a seafood entree rather than the normal beef that I usually go for.

The flour tortilla was filled with shrimp, refried beans, tomatoes and onions - which I picked out. It was topped with fresh lettuce, gaucamole, tomato and a light cheese sauce.

After downing the dish quickly, I had a smile on my face.


"Hit the spot?" Nate asked.

I answered in the affirmative, kind of amazed how a simple delicious meal can really make your day.

Splurge and have something yummy today!

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