Wednesday, August 24, 2011

A little giggle

I did an interview today, talking to the owner of a local raspberry patch.

The 80-year-old woman is just the sweetest person to talk to, and I bet you could keep chattering for hours.

She had just had surgery this morning, and she was upset that her doctor was not letting her go out to the raspberry patch. She is used to having at least one piece of raspberry pie each day, and she didn't have any raspberries to make a pie with.

However, she laughed the whole time about how much she detested being stuck indoors, how much she loved raspberries and how much she enjoyed talking to the people who come buy to purchase the fruit.

The woman's giggle was infectuous. It seems that way with all laughs. How can you not at least smile when other people around you are laughing?

It's great to see someone who has a zest for life, even when they are not in the greatest of health. She probably doesn't even realize that her upbeat personality is something that others appreciate, but I hope that we all think about how our attitudes affect others.

A little giggle, enjoying the good times in life, can go a long way.

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