Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Thinking about life

Blogging is an interesting phenomenon.

Every weekday, I put my computer on my lap, and I try to think of something to say.

I'm just a plain, boring woman, with an uninteresting life, and who knows if anyone really reads what I say anyway - well, anyone beyond my mom and Nate's mom :)

However, having this blog forces me to think about life and to contemplate the meaning in little situations and in what I hear in a sermon or on the radio.

Many people blog, because they think they have something interesting to say. I tend to blog, because I don't have anything interesting to say and the only way I can get out what I feel is by writing instead of talking.

I say that I don't have an interesting life, but really, who am I to say that?

I am on this earth, because God saw fit to create me and put me here. What is life really, other than a compilation of days, and what makes them interesting?

Is life only the trips that we take and the exotic places that we see, and the rest is boring? Is life only the milestones of graduating from school, getting married, having a baby and watching them go through life's milestones? Is life only nights out with friends and those times that we saw, 'It was a great night?'

I think we discredit a lot of life that we are given. We discredit those little moments and those breaths that we have that don't seem to mean a lot except for the fact that we are breathing and alive at that moment.

I may only be watching TV and typing on the computer. I may be the only person in the room, but I am alive. I don't have to be, but I am.

That's amazing in itself.


  1. I don't think that you are a boring person. I don't think it is the places that you go in life that count, but the memories and good times that you make. Some of my favorite times have been sitting on the roof with you and Nate!

  2. Those are some of my favorite times too!