Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Rain rain, I don't mind if you stay

I usually only say it's beautiful weather outside when the sun is shining and the sky is blue.

However, I really love it when the skies are grey and it rains outside too.

I walked to the grocery store tonight to get some ingredients to enjoy a meal of smoked salmon straight from Alaska - yum - and it was misting outside.

The grey skies might makes things look a little dingy - the red brick buildings weren't quite as bright and the grey tin buildings looked dark and bland. However, the chill weather and the little bit of mist made me feel comfortable inside.

Whether you're inside enjoying a hot drink on a cool day, snuggled in bed with the dark skies relaxing you or walking in the cool weather, it's nice to have a change after summer.

I admit, I don't usually like it when the weather starts to change. Nate gets so excited when the temperatures start to drop and he can wear sweatshirts and go duck hunting. I don't look forward to the times when I have to put away my shorts and tank tops.

However, I think the weather today made me ready for fall. I find darkness comforting, and I love that my apartment is a cool and dark, the gray skies making my body think it's time for bed.

The cool weather made me feel relaxed as I walked outside instead of the usual sweat that comes from walking in heat and humidity.

Changing seasons and weather also makes me think about God and his power in controlling something as mighty as the weather.

So fall, bring it on. And rain, you don't have to go away and come again another day. You're fine right where you are!

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