Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Ahead or behind

I am not a procrastinator.

In fact, if I had to give one of my bad qualities in a job interview it would probably be that I like to get too far ahead and get impatient and worrisome when I'm not.

I just started the next issue of the magazine that I work for, and my articles are not due for three weeks. I have three articles left to set up, but one of them I am waiting for someone to call me.

I think I might be annoying the person who helped me get the article idea, because I can't just let this person call me (although they did say they would get in contact with me yesterday and I have yet to hear from them).

It makes me nervous when I am not ahead of schedule. If I am not ahead, I feel like I am behind.

I always think of the worst-case scenario. What if this story doesn't work out? I don't have a back-up for it, because this is already a back-up for another idea that I couldn't get ahold of anyone for.

If I had a back-up I would be a little more patient, but I really want to get ahold of these people and it makes me nervous that it is up to them to get ahold of me.

When work is on the line - and when I have a deadline that has to be met no matter what - I get a little overly cautious.

People are busy, just like me. I guess I need to sit back, relax and trust that they will do what they said they do.

It's hard to trust people you don't know though, isn't it. I've had far too many problems with that in the past.

Maybe I'm just too cynical to be a procrastinator. I can't put things off, because otherwise I don't think they will get done at all!

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