Monday, July 11, 2011

Casey Anthony

For the past few years, the country has paid a lot of attention to Casey Anthony - a young woman who was accused of murdering her 2-year-old daughter, Caylee.

People watched the news off and on as her trial slowly came to court. This month, they paid attention as a jury in Florida listened to all the evidence in the case and decided to find Anthony not guilty of the heinous crime of killing her own offspring.

I have to admit, I followed the trial through news stories. Even without knowing all the facts, I had decided that Anthony was guilty and was convinced the jury would find her so. Everyone was saying that there was no other answer.

However, the jury found differently.

I don't know if the jury really thought Anthony was innocent or if they just didn't think the prosecution had enough evidence. However, they did what they thought was right.

I don't know if Casey Anthony killed her daughter. The only people who really know that are Casey and Caylee. And God.

We have a God of justice. Sometimes I don't like to admit that, because it means that I will also have to fess up to all I have done wrong. And sometimes it's good, because people who don't pay for their mistakes here on earth will still have to face them after they die.

God is a god of grace too. Thank goodness that he offers forgiveness for even the most heinous of crimes.

So whether Casey Anthony is guilty or not is not for us to decide right now. I just hope that through this whole situation, somehow she will find the forgiveness of God and a life of redemption through him.

Even though it's hard for some people to accept, that's all God wants for all of us - to realize our mistakes and know that he is the only one that can clean them up. No matter how bad they are.

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