Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Thankful for freedom

I realized something I don't think I have thought about before on the Fourth of July.

Not only should we be thanking our veterans and current service members for the freedom that we appreciate so much, but we should spend this holiday thanking God as well.

I was standing on the roof of my apartment complex, watching the fireworks go up in the sky on July 3 when I started to pray.

On dark nights when I sit outside, I often feel close to God. When it's storming, it makes me praise him for how huge he is. These fireworks made me want to praise him as well.

I started thinking how I could praise God on this day all about America, and I realized that we wouldn't have the freedom we enjoy in America without a gracious God to give it to us.

This might seem like a "duh" point to you, but it was something that struck me on this holiday. So thank you God for the wonderful freedom we have here - and for the smarts to think up beautiful celebratory devices like fireworks.

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