Thursday, July 7, 2011

Good job God

Sitting at a red light, I admit I kind of spaced off.

However, the moment the light turned green, I noticed it, even though I wasn't looking right at it.

As I started driving to my destination, I thought about how amazing our eyes are. We can focus on one sight yet we still see so much around us. I'm sure we see even more than we realize, because something will grab our attention from the corner of our eye, and we didn't even know we saw it until then.

In my head, I told God what a good job he did on our eyes. I'm sure that God already knows how awesome our eyes are, and how awesome everything else about us and this world is, but I bet that he still appreciates it when we notice.

Even if someone is a great artist, really good at math or has a talent for cooking - and they know it - it's still nice to hear it from someone else.

So next time you notice something cool, maybe you should tell God that you've noticed what a good job he did.

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