Monday, July 25, 2011

Lessons from a seemingly everyday moment

To some people this might be embarrassing, but to me it was just funny.

Nate and I were walking out of my parents house, and I was in a pair of sandals with about 2-inch heels. For a schooled heel-walker like me, no big deal.

The new porch my parents put in has a coarse texture, but since it’s some kind of faux wood, it’s still pretty slick.

I don’t know how it happened, but one of my heels caught on something on the entirely flat porch. I tried to catch myself, but my heel got hooked on the bottom of my dress. I felt myself falling forward and could do absolutely nothing to stop the tumble down the porch’s two steps.

Nate grabbed for me, but it happened so fast I was on the ground before he could reach me.

I laughed for a second, then tried not to let the tears well up in my eyes as I started to feel the couple burns and the soreness of my wrist from catching myself.

Nate grabbed me and set me upright after I had unhooked my heel from my dress.

I laughed at what a clumsy person I was, yet thankful that I’m still young so a tumble like that didn’t hurt me at all.

Dorky or not, I thought about two lessons from this situation - even though they don’t really apply to the situation itself.

One, catch each other. I’m not blaming Nate at all for not catching me. I’m glad he tried to catch me, but it was a random moment and happened quickly.

However, in other situations when you see a friend or a loved one falling down, don’t just watch. Step in and catch each other. (As I said, it doesn’t really apply, but made me think of this).

Two, be graceful.

Although I have been a dancer since I was 4 years old, I’m not a graceful person. Ask any of my friends. I trip all the time, and this is not the first time that I’ve fallen...even in the last year.

However, grace doesn’t only include gracefulness of foot. Grace is much more important when it is a quality you have on the inside. And that is something that you can control rather than how ungraceful you are on the outside.

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