Friday, July 8, 2011

A little red flower

Waiting for my scheduled photo shoot this morning, I was standing outside the library.

A little black and yellow bumble bee was busy buzzing around some flowers in the garden by the door, so I decided to take some shots while I was waiting.

I was snapping away when a little girl with her mother walked up, ready to head inside for story time.

The little girl asked her mom what I was taking pictures of, and the mom said "The pretty flowers."

I looked up and said there was a bumble bee there.

The little blond girl tottled over and peered down at the bush, looking at the bee.

"Pretty cool, huh?" I said.

The child agreed and then started chattering about flowers when she dug through some stuffed animals in a weaved basket she was carrying. She pulled out a little red flower and looked at me.

"I picked a flower for you," she said.

I took the offered gift and thanked her deeply as she smiled.

The woman I was going to take pictures of then drove up and asked if I was Kiley. I said yes, and the little girl must have heard, because as she walked into the library with her mom, she shouted, "Bye Kiley!"

I know that the flower she picked from her grandma's garden that morning wasn't picked for me. I don't even know who the actual intended recipient was, but the fact that she decided to give it to me for showing her something as simple as a bumble bee just made my day.

I thought that she must have some good parents to teach her how to be a sweet, giving spirit like that.

I hope we all find little ways to give to others like that, because even a little red flower can make a big impact.

(I apparently have gone a little picture crazy this week, I hope you enjoy it!)

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