Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Into the mists of Avalon

"The ferry slowed as it approached Catalina. Ahead of them, the crescent-shaped bay of Avalon Harbor came into view. Katie stood beside Nicole at the railing ,drinking in the quaint view of the small buildings that dotted Avalon's landing...."

I was reading "Peculiar Treasures" by Robin Jones Gunn on Monday when the main character in the book went to Catalina Island for an RA retreat.

I read this book right after Christmas, when I got it as a present, and didn't think anything of the imagery that the author painted here. However, I had no idea that soon I would know exactly what that looked like!

You may remember that in May, Nate and I took a trip to California, including a night on Catalina Island. It is an interesting little place with quaint shops, beautiful landscapes and houses built into the island's hills.

I can't tell you how much fun it is to travel, because then you get to really experience books and movies that take place in those settings.

Last year, we also took a trip to Las Vegas. Now, whenever I see Vegas on TV shows and movies, I know just where the people are. I even stayed at the Planet Hollywood hotel, where the Miss USA pageant took place this year. I recognized one of the restaurants they mentioned at that show.

Little times like that make me happy, and I enjoy getting out in the world to experience places for myself, not just through media. I can't wait to travel more so that I can someday notice tidbits in other books that I didn't notice before, because I've been there!

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