Friday, January 28, 2011


When I step outside and look at the lake or the night sky, those are some of the moments I feel closest to God.

It's those moments that I really take a look around me and thank God for all the beauty that he has created in the world - beauty that proves he is real.

Although it's winter, the sun is shining today, brightening the inside of my apartment and making downtown come alive.

The blue sky is cloudless, a soft covering above a hard world.

Although the trees outside are without leaves and appear dead, I know that the wooden branches swaying in the breeze are just waiting for warmer weather to come alive.

The ice-covered lakes are white with snow, but beneath, waters still swish back and forth, teaming with underwater life.

The snow blanketing the grounds is more pure than anything else, untarnished as it falls from the sky in a color hard to replicate with anything else.

As I look around at the world as a whole, instead of concentrating on my own life, I again realize that I am small. The world is big.

Yet, in the grand scheme of creation, the world is small. The solar system is small. The galaxy is small.

Larger than space and time itself is God.

What he makes is beautiful and meticulous. God is beautiful.

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