Thursday, January 13, 2011

The white handprint

In "The Lord of the Rings," some hideous, mean creatures are called orcs. They have a white hand-print on their faces that shows they are the property of their master and creator, whose work they are to fulfill.

These creatures were created for death, destruction and evil.

However, we also have the imprint of our maker on us. It isn't as obvious as a white handprint on the face of a Christian - it should be though.

We all have a purpose. We have a reason for being. God created us specifically for his works. He put an imprint on us to show that we should stand apart from others in our society.

Are we fulfilling that destiny?

There is such a pull on our lives. I want to stand out, as someone who is kind and gracious. I used to stand out much more than I do now. At a point in my life I thought that perhaps I would be happier and better at reaching people if I didn't stand out so much. If I acted more like everyone else, people would like me more and I would have an opening to reach them.

I ended up acting like everyone else, and I made a lot of friends. People have told me over and over how much more fun I am now. However, some of my decisions I am not proud of. Some of my decisions have left me feeling distant from God. That imprint is still on my head, but sometimes I go rogue.

Let's remember that we are made to be set apart. We bear a special mark from our master and creator. He has a special purpose for us.

And hopefully if we fulfill that purpose, we won't turn out quite as ugly as the orcs.

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  1. Which of group of friends think you are more fun now? The "heart(God)string" friends or the January 13th friends you were just writing about?