Wednesday, January 19, 2011

When I wake up...

On "Bones," after season five everyone left for jobs around the world. They were called back to help on a case that no one else could solve.

The group was perfect together, and their leader was angry that no one stayed together to do what it was supposed to.

They all left for selfish reasons, to do what they wanted. They weren't doing what they were meant to do.

I think we all tend to do that. We have dreams and goals that don't necessarily fulfill what we're supposed to do, what really makes a difference.

Often we live for selfish reasons, but what is our true purpose.

When I wake up, I usually think about what I have to do for the day. I think about how to get through the boring stuff to get to the free time so I can do what I want. I rarely ever wake up and ask myself what God wants me to do with my day, how he wants me to glorify him during the blessed hours he has chosen to bestow upon me.

I forget that life is not about me. Humans were created to glorify God in life.

People often ask why God created humans when he could have created anything. He had some purpose in mind.

We hear that God is a sculptor, but we can also think in general - God is an artist. Artists create works for fun, because they need to create. They have something inside of them that needs to come out.

God had a reason for creating us; he showed off his talents; he let out his creative expression by building us humans.

We should keep in mind that life is not about our creations but about what has already been created - us, what we were created for.

How would life change if we woke up thinking about God instead of ourselves?

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