Thursday, January 27, 2011

But I don't want to

Last night, like many nights, I wrote down a list of chores I needed to do - fold laundry, do the supper dishes, vacuum, mop, dust. I don't have much time tonight, because I have to teach dance, so I wanted to get it all done last night before we have company in town this weekend.

I got into watching Lost on Netflix, and I put off my chores.

This is not a one-time occurrence. On nights when I don't really have anything to do, I write down a list of everything I could get done. When it gets down to it though, I often don't want to do it. So I don't.

I always feel guilty when I don't do my work, and I know there are verses in the Bible berating lazy people. A word to describe my work ethic might be lazy though.

I probably wouldn't feel guilty if I was doing something fun or productive, like spending time with friends. However, usually my work gets put off so I can watch TV or read or something like that.

If it were my kids, I would probably tell them to get their work done before they play. Yet, every night it seems like my work doesn't finish until it's time to go to sleep. I get done with work, exercise, make dinner, clean up and the day is shot.

I wonder when it's OK to put off work. I guess, it really doesn't matter that I didn't do the dishes last night - even though that means they are still waiting for me today. However, I was taught to get chores done right away instead of putting them off. That doesn't mean I want to do it, it just means I feel bad when I don't!

I think that happens a lot in society. We put off what needs to be done - volunteering, fundraising, discipline - because it's not fun. It's not what we want to do. I guess sometimes it's good to just relax, but I think maybe it would be easier to see work as fun instead of something I just dread doing. It might make it a little easier to get through the daily grind.

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