Monday, January 24, 2011

The last thing I do

Sometimes what we do doesn't seem that important. So, this TV might be a little inappropriate, does that really matter?

The other day, I thought, if Jesus were to come back at this very moment, would he be OK with what I'm doing?

I know people have said you should gauge your actions on if you would do if Jesus were in the room with you. Honestly, that's harder for me to imagine. I'm never going to see Jesus sit down in a room with me.

However, we have no idea when Christ is going to come back for his people. It could possibly be in our lifetime, just like it could have been on any day in history and how it could be any day in the future.

So there is a possibility that whatever I am doing could be what I'm doing when Jesus shows up.

Will he be proud to take me with depending on what I'm doing at that moment, or will he shake his head in shame?

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