Tuesday, June 7, 2011

But why?

As I think about contentedness this week, I was continuing my reading in 1 Samuel.

Last night, I read a chapter about the Israelites being defeated by the Philistines. They Israelites were defeated, but they brought in the ark of the convenant, sure that God would help them.

Before I read the rest of the story, I was thinking, "We really should just bring God into our problems and they would all be solved."

Unfortunately, I kept reading and saw that the Israelites were killed by the thousands during the next battle, and the ark of the covenant was stolen.

What does that mean?

I guess it means that we are supposed to be content in every situation. I'm sure the Israelites did not see the good in such a slaughter, but God could have stopped it if he wanted.

We aren't supposed to ask but why? We are supposed to be content in everything. Not being content is like telling God that what he has provided is just not good enough for us. That means that your spouse is good enough, your friends are good enough, your job is good enough.

Whatever you're going through might be for now or it might be forever.

Whatever God has provided, he has provided for a reason.

Even if we don't understand, there's no buts about it.

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