Thursday, June 9, 2011

Share in the suffering

As Christians, we are called to take up our crosses and suffer along with Jesus, whose suffering led to our redemption.

Growing up, I thought this suffering only meant I would face persecution for being a Christian.

I did face some people giggling at what I chose not to do, and I once had a boy ask me to take off my cross earrings because they offended him - which I refused to do.

As I've grown older, I've realized suffering for Jesus means we may suffer in a different way.

I was reading a devotional by Joyce Meyer today, and it kind of cleared up for me what suffering for our faith can mean - making choices that don't always feel good.

For those who aren't super strong in their faith, making choices that mean obeying God doesn't always feel good. We go against our fleshly wants and desires, and that hurts. We suffer fleshly for Godly choices.

I had never thought about this kind of suffering, a suffering that doesn't come from the exterior and other people but from within.

Thankfully, Meyer said hope remains. She said after obeying for a while, it actually becomes enjoyable to make those spiritual decisions.

We'll all face suffering for being Christians - whether its exterior or interior. Thankfully we have a perfect model to follow after.

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  1. That's such a good way of looking at it. Joyce Meyer has such a gift for putting familiar (and perhaps not well understood) things in a new light.