Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Friends and fun

A few friends of ours are visiting. They were supposed to come for a golf tournament, but lots of rain has made the golf courses into more of a creek than a course, so it was canceled.

Instead, we decided to just hang out at my apartment. We invited a few other people over too, so we ended up with nine people filling up my tiny little living room.

We talked, laughed, listened to music, danced - it was just a lot of fun hanging out.

We didn't play any games or go anywhere, all we did was just spend time together.

I think a lot of times when we are trying to think of something to do on an empty night, we try to think of activities - going to a movie, going out to dinner, attending a concert.

Really, all you need are good friends to have a good time. Life is so much simpler than we sometimes make it.

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