Thursday, June 30, 2011

A day off

As you might have noticed - or might not have, I could be overestimating how often people read this :) - I didn't blog yesterday.

It wasn't that I forgot since it was the middle of the week, I just wasn't at home or within range of wireless internet or even a cell phone signal.

I was trout fishing!

Nate and I met his parents and grandparents at a remote cabin - well, they call it a cabin but with sleeping room for 12, a foosball table and a dishwasher in the kitchen it was more a house made of logs than a cabin.

I got the "trout stamp" on my fishing license the night before, although I have to admit I wasn't sure how excited I was about this whole trout fishing thing. I haven't really been a fisher, other than one kids' fishing derby a year while I was growing up.

However, I strapped on a pair of waders that were way to big for me and set off with Nate, his dad and his grandpa to see what I could draw out of a nearby river.

After Nate reminded me how to cast again, he told me what to do if I caught a fish - grab it by its mouth, remove the hook and string it through its gills. Sounds a little daunting when you've never even touched a fish before though.

When Nate's dad caught a fish, he brought it over and let me touch - interesting and slimy. Then he had me grab it by the mouth so I would know what to do when I caught my own. When I stuck my thumb in the little sucker's mouth, he bit down.

I yanked my hand away in surprise, but you could hardly even call it a bite, because there was no pressure at all. The feeling of the trout's upper lip touching my thumb just made me shriek a little - yes I am a wienie, or a delicate flower as Nate called me :)

Well, I can sum up the day for me - I caught a wide arrange of flora, got stuck on rocks several times, caught Nate's grandpa's lure and caught a rock. Yes, I somehow actually hooked a rock and pulled it out of the water. No fish for me!

However, it was nice just to have a day off. In the middle of the week, it was nice to relax in a beautiful setting and enjoy some down time. We got to have fresh trout, meet his parent's new dog and just chat a little.

I enjoyed trout fishing and think I would go again. And I definitely enjoyed a day off. I think it came just at the right time.

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