Friday, June 3, 2011

Content or comparing

Scrolling through Facebook these week, I saw at least four people I knew got married.

None of them were really close friends, so I didn't even know they were engaged until I saw people tagged in their wedding photos.

The first thing I do? I think about how I wish that were me.

When it comes to being married, maybe those people aren't even as happy as I am. I have the most amazing boyfriend in the world, and it's not that I just want to be married in general, I just cannot wait to marry him!

Nothing makes you less contented than comparing yourself to others. I know that I have a great life, but there's always something else that would make it better.

God provides us with so much in life, and yet when we compare what we have to what others have it is just never quite as good. Maybe their life is much worse than yours, but they have a boat like you want or that new car that you can't afford.

When I start comparing myself to others, it does nothing but make me feel bad - my body's not as nice as that girls, I'm paler than her, I'm not engaged yet like they are.

I've struggled with contentedness all my life. It seems like I can never just be in the place that I want to be. Even in work, my thoughts are rarely on what it is at hand, they are always on the busy week that is coming up next and had to prepare for that.

Comparing where I am in life to where someone else is a sure way to make any situation worse, because I'm not anyone else, I'm me. And I'm right where I am.

So maybe we all should just start comparing ourselves to each other and be content where we are.

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