Friday, June 17, 2011

Hope for the future

I'm sure it's just my age, but there's a whole lot of talk about marriage around me.

Whether it's the fact that Nate and I aren't married yet, celebrating friends who are getting married, talking about upcoming weddings, worrying about friends who shouldn't be getting married, discussing why some friends have gotten divorces - marriage is an ever-present topic.

At our age, the usual step in relationships is to make that commitment and decide to get married. Some people look forward to the wedding day, some people look forward to the lifetime commitment, some people just think it's the right time so they pop the question.

Whatever the reason, marriages are full of hope at the beginning. There is love sparkling in people's eyes. There are thoughts of future moments like having a baby or buying a first home.

However, some people don't realize what it means to get married. I obviously am not an expert on the subject, since I am not married or engaged, but after dating for seven years I think I have a good idea what makes a relationship work.

Some people think you can change the other person once you get married, that problems will go away, that love will conquer all.

Not one of those ideas is true. Whoever you choose to marry is the person you will be with for better and for worse. Problems will only compound as you have to work everything out as a couple. Love will not solve every problem.

Love is a choice; it's something you have to decide to do every day, even those days when you're so frustrated with the other person that you just want to scream or cry into your pillows. Love is a choice to work things out with the other person, no matter what.

However, at the beginning of a marriage, everything seems bright and cheery. I hope that for all my friends that are getting married, that they will enjoy these perfect times. I hope that these perfect times last a long time, and that they will stay strong when situations become not-so-perfect.

The future has a lot of hope. If we keep our eyes on God, we have hope that everything will work out fine, because he is in control even in our earthly relationships.

As I think on the future, my thoughts are always on the man that I love. So whenever you read this, I love you.

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