Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Israel wants a king

Another lesson from my reading in Samuel, which you can see that I haven't been too consistent about lately.

However, every time I read it I find an applicable lesson that goes far beyond the story - something that I never realized was in there before. I thought Samuel was all about the storyline, not about something that we can really use today.

Last night in my reading, the people of Israel started begging Samuel to provide them with a king. They already had a king - God - but they had turned their backs and decided they wanted someone to rule over them.

Samuel told them all the terrible things that would happen if they were granted their wish, but they still wanted a king.

Their reason?

They wanted to be like everyone else.

Every other country had a king, and I guess the Israelites were jealous - jealous that they were so free.

I do that a lot too. I am so free in Christ, but I don't realize it. I just want to be like everyone else. No matter the cost I want something else.

How often do those extra things that we want end up putting us under bondage?

It's so much better to let God be our king, but in the moment it seems so much better to just be like everyone else.

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