Thursday, June 23, 2011

Happy birthday!

I love birthdays!

I'm pretty sure I have more fun making birthdays special for people I love than I do on my own birthday.

Growing up birthdays were precious days - we got to use special plates, our rooms were decorated, we had magnets writing out happy birthday on the refrigerator door, plus we got cake and presents and either a party or a trip to an amusement park.

Nate says that birthdays and holidays are just like any other day, but I love to try to make them special for him anyway.

Today, I used alphabet letters and wrote out happy birthday on the fridge. I made an apple pie just for him, because he isn't a fan of cake. I gave him a couple big presents and then have been presenting him a smaller one every hour on the hour.

You see, birthdays might not seem like a big deal, but it is a big deal. Twenty-five years ago today, Nate was born. How can that not be a special day?

Maybe Nate doesn't see it as a big deal, because he doesn't want people making a fuss over him. He is one of those people that loves others and doesn't need to be the focus of gift-giving or gussying. He enjoys just being with others and trying to make times fun for them.

Nate is also extremely generous, not asking people to give him things like presents. He always pays for things for other people - for dinner or movies. He sometimes lets me pay for things, but he never asks me to. I have always admired that about him.

Today is a special day. This is a day that should be celebrated. I also celebrate the one behind the day. I'm so thankful that God decided to create Nate and that God decided to bring us together. It's awesome that long before 25 years plus nine months ago, God had everything already planned out to a T. He knew exactly who Nate would be, what he would do and why he was placed on Earth.

So yet again, a reason why birthdays are special - people are special!

Nate, you are a really wonderful guy. You have amazing qualities, and you're really special - and don't turn that around to make it sound bad :)

So happy birthday! I hope it's a good one!

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